AviaTor Project Partners

join the leading experts in their field

AviaTor Project Partners

AviaTor is developed by the leading technology companies in the field of Visual Intelligence and OSINT Research; ZiuZ Forensic and Web-IQ.

They work together with 16 law enforcement agencies from across the world, including the National Police of the Netherlands being the project lead and the Belgian Federal Police as a key partner.

Other expert project partners are Timelex - a highly specialised law firm, DFKI - the largest, independent AI research center worldwide and INHOPE - the international association of internet hotlines.

Any Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) that starts using AviaTor to process CSAM reports within their organisation, will directly benefit from the years of experience that our project partners bring to the table.

  • Reduce processing time on CSAM reports
  • More accurate risk assessment
  • Improved analysis tools
  • Eliminate CSAM report backlogs
  • Better police officer welfare