AviaTor Events

AviaTor Seminar

The AviaTor Seminar took place on March 30th, 2023 in Brussels.

This one-day networking event was organised for project partners, LEAs using AviaTor, stakeholders and interested third parties to disseminate the intermediate result of the project and share knowledge, new technology and discuss industry trends concerning the processing of NCMEC reports by law enforcement.

A total of 58 experts from different disciplines attended the seminar. A recap of this event is now available

AviaTor Forum

The AviaTor Forum, a one-day in person conference, will take place in August 2024, to disseminate the end result of the AviaTor project, focussing on relevant elements of the processing of industry reports in the context of developments in Europe and worldwide.

More information will follow leading up to the event.

AviaTor Peer 2 Peer

The AviaTor Peer-2-Peer Events are organised twice a year exclusively for LEAs using AviaTor. We ask AviaTor users to get involved, share their stories and show how they work with AviaTor.

The latest Peer 2 Peer event was held on March 29th in Brussels. A recap of this event will be published shortly. The next Peer 2 Peer event is scheduled for September 2023.